EPSA in a nutshell

Who is eligible?

All European public sector institutions from all levels, as well as public sector enterprises, agencies or public-private partnerships, are eligible to submit their projects for the award.

The lead applicant – in any case - must be a public sector actor. 


In concrete terms, this includes all public entities from cities, local authorities, the supra-local (provincial) and regional level, as well as public sector organisations at national and European level.


Projects have to match one of the three categories:

  • European and national,
  • Regional,
  • Supra-local and local.

While the national level refers to the level of sovereign states, the regional level refers to the first level of administrative and political subdivision of a state. In many unitary states, the regional level is absent. The supra-local and local level refers to the administrative and political levels below the regional level.




France (national level): régions (mainland and overseas regions) (regional level), départements and municipalités (supra-local and local level)

Spain (national level): comunidades autónomas and ciudades autónomas (regional level), provincias, diputaciones and municipios (supra-local and local level)

Poland (national level): Voivodship - Województwo (regional level), powiaty (councils/districts)  and gminy (municipalities) (supra-local and local level)

Bulgaria (national level): Obshtina (municipalities) (supra-local and local level)

Further eligibility criteria are:

  • The working language of the EPSA 2011 is English, thus it is strongly recommended to submit projects in English.
  • European geographical origin of the application (see list of eligible countries below)
  • The application must have been in operation long enough to have proven evidence of impact and tangible result.
  • Completed application form;
  • Confirmation that the application has been submitted (i.e. notification mail) before deadline (12 April 2012);
  • Compliance with the theme of the EPSA 2013 competition.

Projects, which are the result of cross-border cooperation or cooperation across administrative levels as well as projects that have benefited from EU funding are especially encouraged to submit their applications.


The prize is “a unique opportunity for a small-scale project to present itself and reach a wider attention” (EPSA 2011 applicant)


List of eligible countries