The Artist and the Trophy

The EPSA 2013 Award Trophy

The Artist: Anna van Kooten


was born long ago in the Hague, where she followed a three-year training on advertising design, and four years on sculpting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

For the latter training, her teachers were Dirk Bus and van Haren; in addition she also took lessons from Rudy Rooyackers and Charlotte van Pallandt.

She works primarily as a freelance artist, but also by commission.

She has had several exhibitions, both in the Netherlands and abroad, but does not find it necessary to list these piece by piece.

For the Heineken brewery, every year she creates the ‘Pieter Pils’ trophies,

and in the past:

VGL:     ‘Help and support’

DSM:    ‘Tour de force’

ING:     Project Aldo Rossi

EIPA:    25th Anniversary ‘Catching the stars’ [25 stars]

Company Pferd [DE]: ‘Crowing up’

Her images are strongly anecdotal, with a preference for people, and a single highlight towards more stylised forms – but always with a story.



The Trophy: “Collecting the Stars”

·          The pedestal of the trophy represents a crystal clear starting basis to collect the rising stars of European excellence;

·        Mother Europe's skirt is the natural place for the best EPSA projects to emerge and rise up towards the sky;

·        The 28 curling stars represent the current 28 EU Member States in motion, and in search of creative solutions.

·        Participating countries are called “The Stars”; this is what makes the pedestal solid;

·        Mother Europe is in a flexible balance on a solid basis, because Europe has to continually reinvent itself everyday in order to adapt to  changing circumstances.