EPSA 2013

Why should you participate in EPSA 2013?

  1. Your projects are offered the opportunity to be showcased, rewarded and to benefit from an increased visibility at European level – irrespective of the size or type of your administration or the cultural sphere in which you operate. Your administration will improve its image by having its results and achievements published on the www.epsa2013.eu website and via other channels of dissemination; 
  2. The EPSA offers you maximum benefits and new collaboration opportunities as part of a network of excellence promoting efficient networking, practice exchange and knowledge transfer across Europe;
  3. The EPSA works with an independent, impartial and internationally acknowledged pool of experts throughout its evaluation process. They conduct an external assessment (the Evaluation Summary Notes) of your project’s potential at the European level, whilst also indicating options for improvement and further development.
  4. Participation in the EPSA is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation to your employees and partners and bring their work to the attention of a wider European audience;
  5. The online application process is simple and straightforward and participation in the competition is free of charge;
  6. The travel and hotel accommodation for the EPSA 2013 nominees participating in the final event will be at the expense of EPSA/EIPA.

Our experience with the EPSA has been very positive: we have received permanent information regarding the development of the award, and the organisation has always given fast and exact answers to the questions that arose during the whole EPSA process.”
(EPSA 2011 winner)