EPSA 2013



How do I participate in the EPSA 2013?
You will first have to register for the EPSA 2013 and open an EPSA account. The EPSA 2013 registration form can be found under the theme call text and under APPLY. Please note that the award category to which you aim to apply will be preset in your online application submission. You may register and submit your application between 25 January and 12 April (12:00 PM GMT) 2013.

What are the main features of the EPSA?

The European Public Sector Award (EPSA) aims at supporting efficiency and innovation of the European public administrations.

1)     Target:  EPSA targets all sectors of public administration with emphasis on specific themes.

2)     Scope: EPSA awards projects which have proven their success.

3)     Focus: EPSA focuses on recognition and spreading of good practice.


I already have an EPSA account from one of the previous award editions. Do I need to set up a new account for the EPSA 2013?

Yes, you do. Your account is only valid for one specific EPSA edition.


What happens after I have completed and submitted the account registration form?
After submitting the form you will receive an e-mail from EPSA containing confirmation of your account creation and details of your log-in data (i.e. email and password), which will allow you direct access to the online submission form that can be found under APPLY and in the Call text.

How do I know the award category for my project?

The three EPSA 2013 categories are 1) European and national, 2) regional and 3) supra-local and local. While category 1) includes the different European countries (see also list (hyperlink to the full list!!) of eligible countries), 2) refers to the first level of administrative and political subdivision of a state. In many unitary states, the regional level is absent. 3) The supra-local and local level refers to the administrative and political levels below the regional level.

Can I submit the same project under more than one award category?
No, you will have to decide to which award category, e.g. administrative level, you wish to assign your project application. If you have a cross-administrative project, you will have to choose which administration should be the lead partner and submit it under the respective category. However, you may submit several different projects within the same or under another award category.

Under which award category do I submit cross-administrative projects?

You will have to decide which administration should be the lead partner and submit it under the respective award category e.g. administrative level.

Can I submit more than one project?
Of course it is possible to submit more than one project application. However, one project can only be submitted to one category.  

Can I submit several applications using only one registered account?
Yes, you can submit more than one application with your EPSA online application account and log-in data. 

I have registered, but have not received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
Please contact the EPSA 2013

Is it possible to save the information/data entered in my project application form and to finalise it at a later point in time?
Yes, with the EPSA log-in data (e-mail and password) you may access the online submission form again to edit your application, and then finalise it at a later point. In that case, you should press the button Save Draft Application. Once you have edited and finalised your application, press the Final Submission button. Then you will no longer be able to modify the final version.

What or who exactly is meant by a "public sector institution"?
The lead applicant has to be a public sector institution. This may comprise public sector enterprises, agencies or public-private partnerships from all administrative levels. The applying public sector institution will have to be fully financed by public funds.

What or who is meant by "other applicants" on Part A of the submission form?
If you apply within a consortium or the project has several partners you may list the other members in this section.

Do the "other applicants" within a consortium have to be public sector organisations as well?
No, only the lead applicant has to be a public sector organisation. The other applicants can be private, semi-public, NGOs, civil society organisations or academic institutions.

How many files can I submit under Part C?
There is no limit to the number of files that may be submitted. However, please note that the total size of the files may not exceed 15MB.

For more information on the application submission form and process, please consult and download our "Application guide" under APPLY

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