EPSA in a nutshell


EPSA – the platform for public excellence

Since its launch in 2007, the European Public Sector Award (EPSA) has received, assessed and made accessible almost 1000 public practices. They form a rich database of valuable experiences at the service and disposal of all European public administrations and make the European Public Sector Award the European learning platform for performance improvement of the public sector.

For all European public administrations, EPSA has generated highly valuable know-how and vital results that can be used for the benefit of providing innovative solutions and learning opportunities.


(1)   Target:  EPSA targets all sectors of public administration with an emphasis on specific themes.

(2)   Scope: EPSA awards projects which have proven their success

(3)   Focus: EPSA focuses on recognition and dissemination of good practice


Novelties of the EPSA 2013

  • There is one theme for all applicants in the new EPSA 2013 edition, with different categories for the European and national, the regional and the supra-local and the local level. Thus, each public administration competes against and compares itself with projects coming from the same level!
  • Additionally, two special recognitions will be awarded:
    • Honorary mention for cross-administrative cooperation
    • Honorary mention for cross-border cooperation


Schemes like EPSA are important instruments for encouraging good practices in public administrations across Europe and helping countries learn from each other – a synergy that we must maximise! Since its creation in 2007, EPSA has acted as a driver for change in the way public services function in the 21st century, encouraging them to implement innovations and deliver quality.”

Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-president of the European Commission, Inter-institutional Relations and Administration

László Andor, Member of the European Commission, Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion