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EPSA 2013 Final Event & Award Ceremony: and the Winners are...

Award Trophy Winners

* in the European and National Administrative Category:  "The Compass of Transparency" submitted by the Italian Department for Public Administration. 

* in the Regional administrative category: "Development of Wellbeing and Civil Safety in Municipalities", submitted by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland, Finland. 

* in the Supra-local and Local administrative category: "Educational and Promotional Campaign "Bielsko-Biala Protects the Climate", submitted by the City of Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

Honourable mentions

* Honourable mention for cross-border cooperation: "The Creation of a New Economic Zone in Southern Luxembourg" submitted by the Municipality of Esch-sur-Alzette.

* Honourable mention for cross-administrative cooperation: "Andalusian Health e-Library", submitted by the Regional government of Andalusia, Spain.

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Press Release

Congratulations from EIPA and EPSA to all winners as well as to the nominees!

Programme, Photo Gallery and Speeches

PRESENTATION OF THE 15 NOMINATED PROJECTS (European & National Category, Regional Category, Supra-local and Local Category)

EPSA 2013 book
‘Weathering the Storm – Creative EPSA Solutions in a Time of Crisis’ (Research Part and Project Catalogue 47 BPC)

EPSA 2013: 47 Best Practice Certificate recipients identified

17 BPs come from the European and national level, 7 from the regional and 23 from the supra-local and local level. Full list of best practices

List of best practices (excl. nominees)

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EPSA 2013 Award Winners