EPSA 2013 Newsletter No. 1 Dec. 2012




EPSA 2013 Official Launch Event, Brussels, 25 January 2013


Dear EPSA Friends,


The EPSA Team is proud to announce the Official Launch of the European Public Sector Award - EPSA 2013 that will take place in Brussels on 25 January 2013. This event is free of charge and you are most welcome to attend if your agenda permits.  

The Full Programme and Registration Form are available on our new website: www.epsa2013.eu

As you know, the European Public Sector Award (EPSA), organised for the third time by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), once again brings together the most innovative, efficient and best performers from the European public sector.


For all European public administrations, EPSA has generated highly valuable know-how and vital results that can be used to the benefit of providing innovative solutions and learning opportunities.


The 2013 EPSA edition will be launched officially on 25 January 2013 at the EC Berlaymont building in Brussels, in cooperation with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and DG Human Resources and Security of the European Commission. The welcome address will be delivered by Mr Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission Responsible for Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration.


This launch activity, conducted in English, the official working language of EPSA, is the opportunity to receive first-hand all the detailed information about the scheme, the conditions for participation as well as the basic guidelines on how to apply and submit your public achievements for the EPSA 2013. The call for applications will also be opened on 25 January and will run until 12 April 2013.



EPSA 2013 General Background


Europe − and in fact the entire world − is currently facing perhaps the deepest and most multiple-faceted financial and economic threat in recent history. The ‘old’ continent has a sovereign debt problem which, in combination with the global recession, has created a crisis in many EU countries. This crisis has to be resolved with the necessary and respective measures. However, how can these urgent problems linked to public financial pressure be resolved?


Traditionally, it would be by economic growth and increased public income through taxes, in combination with budget cuts and austerity measures! (Strong) economic growth seems quite far away, but the pressure on public spending is still there due to demographic factors (cost of elderly care, decreasing workforce), unemployment, and expenses related to pensions, education and health. This poses a true challenge, not only to private enterprises, but in particular to the public sector. Governments and their public administrations, not only as in recent years, but certainly also for the coming three to five years, will thus be under severe pressure with regard to their public finances and spending.


In other words, the only solution in this scenario seems to be to increase effectiveness and efficiency, to innovate, and to strive towards better and best practices.



EPSA 2013 Novel Features: 1 theme and 3 awards (1 for each administrative level)!


Given the continuing financial and economic crisis, the EPSA Steering Committee and the EPSA Team have thus decided to choose only one overarching theme for this 2013 edition, i.e. “Weathering the storm – Creative solutions in a time of crisisin which increased efficiency and effectiveness play a central role.


Unlike in other editions, there is thus only one theme for all applicants in the new EPSA 2013 edition and all levels of public administration will be rewarded since the theme aims to be inclusive. Therefore, EPSA 2013 will bestow awards in three categories: European/national, regional, and local – so good practice at all levels will be recognised, underlining the importance of coherent actions at all levels of public administration in this overarching thematic area. In this way, each public administration will compete against and compare itself with projects coming from the same level, which makes replication at the same level easier. In addition, successful projects resulting from cross-border or cross-administrative cooperation will also be identified and receive special recognition.


The EPSA Team also managed to once again gain the support of several countries and institutions. EPSA 2013 can thus rely on 13 Official Partners. (see flags below)


In the next issue of EPSA 2013 Newsletter coming out at the end of January 2013, we will report on the Official Launch Event and inform you of the Opening of the Call for Applications (how to apply, call text, application form, selection criteria, etc.).



We avail ourselves of this opportunity to already wish you a nice, peaceful and relaxing Christmas recess!